Insulated glazing is a special type of glass, made up of 2 or more layers of glass, between the layers of glass separated by an inner aluminum buffer bar containing desiccant particles. The outer glue will bond the layers of glass and profile aluminum. The desiccant particles have the effect absorb the air inside, forming a dry layer of air and preventing heat transfer very effectively.
Glass layers can be manufactured in the same thickness or in some cases the glass can be changed with different thicknesses and types.


Super sound insulation properties: With box-like structure separated by hollow frame layers of glass, Insulated glazing can minimize unwanted noise from the surrounding environment.
Super heat insulation properties: The space between the glass layers is loaded with Argon gas (inert gas) to maximize heat insulation, keeping the interior of the building always cool in summer and warm in winter, significantly reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.
Safety properties: When combined with laminated glass or tempered glass will make perfect sound and heat insulation insulated glazing, comprehensive convergence of the benefits of architectural glass.
Flexibility in design, architecture: Insulated glazing allows flexibility in the design by a diverse combination of glasses of different colors, thickness, sizes, models and can design all kinds of decorative spokes inside the glass box. Thereby increasing the aesthetic beauty to meet the maximum requirements, the level of features and full convergence of outstanding advantages gained from the types of glass, creating perfect architectural solutions for works.  
Ensure absolute hygiene: Prevent dew condensation, water vapor on the glass surface, limit moisture storage, create unpleasant odors, thereby creating a comfortable and clean internal environment.


With special structure combined with many outstanding features, insulated glazing has a lot of construction applications such as windows, aluminum glass doors, partitions, curtain wall,... typical in works such as:

  • Airports, buildings near highways, railways and anywhere where there is a great deal of noise, buildings, offices, people near the road surface transportation travel a lot, the uses of insulated glazing with sound isolation feature can solve the noise and unwanted sound. Especially, the insulated glazing shows the optimal sound insulation when it is the only choice for doors and bulkhead the recording studios of radio and television stations, recording centers.
  • Office buildings, hotels, hospitals, houses and buildings with the requirement to minimize the heat, cold and noise from the surrounding environment and insulated glazing are the most affordable option.
  • Establishments should be controlled humidity and temperature closely such as: telephone exchange, laboratories, computer rooms.
  • For use in air traffic control towers at airports, other air-conditioned environments should be regulated and prevent condensation. Optimal anti-condensation properties are most evident when the insulated glazing product is used as doors and walls of industrial refrigerators displaying soft beverage, fresh foods.

Insulated glazing is an indispensable building material in today's works, known as one of the products with high application and many outstanding advantages, Fujiwindows is proud to be one of the insulated glazing processors leading Vietnam. We constantly strive to bring our customers the best quality products for large and small construction.

Contact us via the Hotline: (+84) 909 020 415, Fujiwindows - supplier of tempered glass products prestige - top quality in Vietnam for advice and best support in choosing the most suitable glass products for your architecture and constructions.






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