Aluminum fireproof doors (also known as aluminum frame glass doors) are mainly made of aluminum and glass (normal glass or tempered glass). The outside of the door is an aluminum frame that encloses with the inner glass to support and position the glass with other accessories such as: rubber gaskets, handles, locks, hinges, latches,... ensure outstanding quality and bring the highest safety for users.


Flame retardant properties: Aluminum fireproof doors are very luxurious and delicate that can resist fire with maximum level. Because aluminum doors have high-class electrostatic paint, aluminum cannot be burnt and withstand high temperatures. Aluminum doors can prevent heat transfer and the rapid spread of fires, minimizing the loss of life and property.

Outstanding heat insulation: Aluminum fireproof doors are made of Polymer material and flame retardant additives, not decomposed into other flammable components even in high temperature conditions. With a temperature of nearly 1000 degrees Celsius of the blow-torch, the aluminum bar only deforms without burning, eliminating the process of spreading the fire through the door.

Anti-intrusion features: The anti-theft ability will be absolutely improved if you use 8mm tempered glass. When aluminum is combined with this 8mm tempered glass, a burglar cannot enter your home through the door. Increasing safety and making users feel secure when you're alone at home or in densely populated places.

Quality standards allowed: Aluminum fireproof doors are constructed and designed according to certain standards with the effect of preventing fire and spreading fire. Therefore, the product has the effect of preventing the spread of fires in construction, large buildings as well as minimizing damages if a fire occurs.

Diverse, convenient structures: Aluminum and glass doors are lightweight, designed to achieve the best sound insulation, heat insulation and fireproofing capabilities, can design many models with a variety of colors, to suit the needs of each user.

Competitive price: Aluminum and glass materials are almost cheap and stable. Therefore, the choice of aluminum fireproof glass doors that both save costs and meet safety criteria for users is really creating customer satisfaction.


The faster the urbanization occurs, the more urgent the need for the safety of urban people. Therefore, aluminum fireproof glass doors products are widely used in site, such as:

  • High-rise apartment buildings, hotels, shopping centers, offices, theaters, hospitals, schools, factories and other industrial works ...;
  • Places that need emergency exit, such as stairs, halls or places prone to fire due to the use of electricity, fire and gas such as power stations, transformer stations, generators' rooms, rooms for machines, equipment,...

Fujiwindows is a supplier all-in-one of aluminum fireproof systems with appropriate accessories, ensuring the reasonable cost, quality as well as aesthetics for each construction architecture.

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