Tempered hinged glassdoors is a revolving opening door with basic structure consisting of glass and concealed floor hinges with associated systems, with a variety of different models, beautiful and sophisticated design, appropriate for office blocks, restaurants, hotels, households,...

Using tempered hinged glassdoors can reduce huge investment costs due to quick construction time, easy layout to help reduce outside noise, making structures more luxurious. It is also because of these preeminent features that glass doors using floor hinges are gradually replacing the traditional door with poor aesthetics.

Common sizes of this type are from 800mm to 1200mm. Depending on each space position of each construction, we will give a specific and suitable size, divided into categories including:

  • Hinged glassdoors 1 leaf door
  • Hinged glassdoors 2 leaf door


  • Ensuring safety, security: Tempered hinged glassdoors is capable of bearing 5-7 times higher than normal glass, ensuring safety and security for the inner space. In addition, when broken tempered glass does not form sharp fragments, but crumbled into round particles, not sharp particles that minimize injury to the user.
  • Getting natural light: Owing to the inner glass surface, hinged glassdoors gives better ability to get natural light, bringing an open space with nature, saving the maximum electricity used for lighting activities. In addition, the thin glass ruler and enabling 2-dimensional viewing also help save the area and create a better space expansion effect.
  • Anti-noise, heat retention: Tempered hinged glassdoors is installed very tight and has no gaps to provide good noise protection and keeps the room interior heat level stable. So, your space will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • Easy to use: Tempered hinged glassdoors works according to the principle: just we flick the door will open and release the hand immediately returned to the original position. This type of door is really easy to use and operate smoothly.
  • Quick installation: Owning a thin thickness and lightweight, the installation time of tempered hinged glassdoors is very fast so that the owner can use the construction in the shortest time.
  • Helping the construction become more luxurious and aesthetic: Glass is the material that represents the modern style. Therefore, when installing hinged glassdoors will help the whole construction become more luxurious and aesthetic. This is also the biggest advantage that tempered glass is gradually replacing the wooden door and iron traditional door.
  • Convenient cleaning: Tempered hinged glassdoors has sleeky and not rugged surface, so it is very convenient for cleaning. You only need to use old newspaper soaked in water or soft cotton towels to be able to remove all the dirt on the glass, return the shiny glass to like the mirror.
  • Stable, smooth performance: Our hinged doors are made of floor hinge systems so the door's operation is quite smooth and does not make noise during use.
  • Meets technical standards: The two doors are not warped, the height is equal.


  • Tempered glass: used to make leaf door and wall door
  • Floor hinges
  • Top patch
  • Bottom patch
  • Holder
  • Floor lock
  • L patch


With the preeminent feature, tempered hinged glassdoors is widely applied and popular in civil works to modern townhouses:

  • Use for places that need luxurious and modern such as shopping mall, restaurants, hotels,...
  • Use for spaces where travel frequency is high, such as the lobby of buildings, banks thanks to the automatic closing function after opening.
  • Make the main door for street houses to prevent dust and noise.
  • They are used to make doors for open spaces such as showroom that need to show furniture and interior products thanks to the two-dimensional visibility.

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