Laminated glass is a type of tempered glass that is made up of two or more layers of glass, between layers of PVB film, in addition to can use the toughened glass glued together, it may have another name as glass tempered safety stickers, in fact the most commonly used 0.38mm thickness PVB films are used.


Limit ultraviolet rays: can resist 99% of the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays without affecting the brightness needed for human vision and the growth of plants.
High safety: Laminated glass cannot be broken abruptly like ordinary glass panels, the PVB layer in the middle will reduce the effect of external forces, the glass sheet will remain intact as soon as broken, the pieces of glass will stay in place reduce the danger.
Ensure security: Resistance to intrusion is higher because there is a layer of protection even when the glass is broken. On the other hand, safety glasses cannot be cut from one side, so glass cutting tools and ordinary tools are useless. Depending on the thickness of the glass, PVB-grade safety glass can withstand bombs and rifles.
Minimize noise: Better sound insulation than normal glass. The buildings are glazing with safety glass will reduce noise from four sides, ensuring a quieter working or resting environment
Heat resistance and control of heat absorption: Laminated glass reduces heat absorption, controls glare and makes the building cooler. In addition, the safety laminated glass meets the standards of insulating glass, when exposed to high temperatures does not break, create conditions for facilitating the fire and extinguish fires immediately.
Advantages of art and style: Glass has a variety of colors, thicknesses, sizes and shapes, offer more suitable choices for many construction architectures.


With many features advantages of the product, laminated glass is applied in many items in large-scale works, ensuring safety, avoiding risks during use:

  • Laminated safety glass: Pairing from two or more flat glass panels of this type is suitable for the construction of large-scale constructions, ensuring safety, avoiding risks during use such as doors, partitions.
  • When associated with 2-4 layers of PVB film, it will help prevent noise and intrusion, effective bulletproof due to good impact resistance. Use high security places such as gold and silver shops, jewelry, banks, anti-theft display places, as curtain wall, partitions for construction works, buildings, entertainment centers, schools.
  • Tempered glass glued by the use of tempered glass sheets glued together with PVB glue has a great bearing capacity that to be used as a floor or stairs, windows, doors,... Tempered glass has a huge bearing capacity, resists strong impacts, vibration.

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