Tempered glass is a type of safety glass manufactured by processing under normal white glass panel temperatures to 700°C, keeping the heat for a certain period of time and lowering the tempered glass temperature suddenly to room temperature to increase bearing capacity, load-bearing capacity, impact resistance,... When broken, the glass will break into smaller particles of corn kernels with the surface of the edges is not sharp, so the ability to cause damage to humans is smaller than ordinary glass.


Bearing capacity: Mechanically, tempered glass doors have very high impact and resistance, 4-5 times higher than conventional glass systems with the same thickness and impact pressure parameters. In addition, the glass can withstand vibration, strong wind and strong impact.
Heat resistance capacity: Very high heat resistance up to 150°C, resistant to thermal shock (sudden change of temperature) is much greater than other types of glass.
Security: Hard to break when being hit, must be an extremely large force beyond the ability to disperse the pressure to break the glass. When broken they will break into small pieces not sharp edges, reducing the ability to damage to the maximum. Tempered glass also creates the ability for people to escape in buildings when a fire occurs due to its high heat resistance.
Aesthetics: Flat tempered glass, natural shiny by being manufactured and processed with modern technology, the entire surface of the glass panel is not embossed or append, the colors are diverse, absolutely waterproof and limited grip maximum dust, creating open space to enhance consumer class, easy to install and shape to fit many different architectures.
Transparencies: Tempered glass materials also get good light with solutions that add glass that can soundproof, reflect heat, reduce heat radiation from sunlight, reduce about 50% of heat loss.



  • Tempered glass is widely used to make car windows, windshields, doors and buildings or used in items easily damaged by human impact.
    Manufacturers use toughened tempering technology to make surfaces that are transparent but subject to good heat and resistance such as: surface of gas stove, surface of kitchen, oven door, microwave... or even toughened stickers for electronic technology items such as phones, ipad, tabs...
  • Used as glass doors: Not occupying much area makes the house spacious clear, so toughened glass can be used as windows, doors, glass walls…
  • Used as glass walls for office buildings, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, houses... With noise and dust resistance, the glass is made into glass edges or glass panels used in food industry and hotel construction. In addition, tempered glass is also used as a stair railing, shower cubicle or household furniture such as glass tables, glass cabinets... Bring space with high aesthetic, spacious, airy, modern for users.

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