Super clear glass or also known as super white glass or crystal glass. The name comes from the color of the glass is almost transparent. Conventional float glass is slightly greenish in color and super white glass is almost absolute white. Them let light through at a rate of 91.6% compared to 86% of conventional float glass. This property is formed because the structure of super clear glass contains at least 10% of the iron content.


Hight bearing capacity with characteristics of tempered glass: Super clear glass is basically a normal glass so apart from the transparent properties will be no difference. The difference of this glass is toughened glass. The common feature of tempered glass is its ability to bear 4-5 times the force of conventional glass. Customers can comfortable use because of their safety and longevity.
Super clear glass features high light transmission: The light transmission ratio of float glass is usually 86%. Meanwhile, the light transmission ratio of super clear glass is up to 91.6%, preventing wind and dust.
Ensure transparency and safety: Special production technology through the removal of impurities. Therefore, the image seen through super clear glass is reflected in the most realistic, clear. In addtion, high safety helps users to feel secure in using the product. Flat, smooth surface convenient for cleaning.
Super clear glass meets all production standards and verification: Super clear glass has all the physical and chemical properties similar to ordinary glass. At the same time, during the production process has undergone a process of carefully removing impurities. From the input stage to selecting raw materials also undergoes a rigorous process. Quality control tests are designed to ensure that all products output are qualified.
Convenient features: The super clear glass products can be processing cut, sharpened and drilled. They are then tempered to ensure the bearing capacity of the final product. The thickness and lightweight, so the construction and installation is quicker and more economical.
High aesthetics: Aesthetic enhancement for all architectural constructions applied. Create a clear effect with a more vivid design. The visual effect and lighting effect are maximized to make the space more luxurious and classy, creating a feel of open space, not being divided and displaying many architectural components.


Super clear glass is a common product of the majority of Vietnamese people ever. Through the outstanding features, users often apply super clear glass popular in constructions such as:

  • Showroom façade, shop with super clear glass 
  • Aquarium with super clear glass
  • Partition with super clear glass
  • Super white tempered glass roof
  • Tempered glass floor
  • Staircase with super clear glass

In addition, super clear glass can also be used as a product display cabinet, interior decoration for showrooms, shops...

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