Glass aluminum sliding windows is a type of window opened by sliding rails, from 1 to 3 rails, from 2 to 6 leaf door and can be opened from 1/2 to 2/3 doorway area. This is one of the aluminum glass door products suitable for saving open space. In addition, 4 leaf door sliding windows is suitable for the space overlooking the garden. 

Sliding windows have wide open angles so it's suitable for catching lots of wind, can open large leaf door to catch the wind in the morning or at night in the large space of the glass windows to create ventilation for your room.


  • Ensuring sound insulation, heat insulation, tightness: The door and wall are made of aluminum alloy bar with a box-shaped structure divided into many empty compartments combined with synchronous gaskets, hardware accessories and the most automated CNC corner assembly technology has created a product with high sound insulation, heat insulation and tightness.
  • Safe and convenient: Consistent with the usage habits of the Vietnamese, high rigidity helps increase endurance, avoid the risk of wind smashing and prevent rainwater from infiltrating inside, especially suitable for use in high-rise building.
  • Diverse sizes, designs, suitable for many types of architecture: Can be designed as a sliding windows with 1 leaf door, 2 leaf door, 3 leaf door, 4 leaf door or multi-leaf sliding doors according to the actual needs of the construction.
  • Affordable price: The advantage is that the price is cheaper than other types of doors from uPVC when using similar glass.
  • To save the area: When opening and closing does not affect the space and usable area of the room. Having the maximum open area equal to 1/2 of the door frame area.
  • Little changed by external factors: Do not fade with time, do not warp, shrink when the weather changes abruptly of aluminum doors, this type of window is increasingly popular in Vietnam.
  • Sound insulation: Sliding windows combined with inert gas-filled double glazing windows help to reduce noise levels perfectly, insulating the outside environment and reducing power demand and protecting the environment.


  • Aluminum profile (door frame, leaf frame).
  • Reinforced steel.
  • Glass (safety, tempered).
  • Inert gas-filled glass case reduces sound and heat transfer.
  • Gasket filter system
  • Hardware accessories: multi-point latch, roller latch, handle, lock,...


  • Sliding windows are widely used in the construction, especially high-rise buildings or the space is limited, narrow can not open outward opening windows.  For those who want to get the best natural light and wind but the indoor and outdoor space is quite cramped, the sliding window systems is the best choice.
  • In addition, it is also widely applied in civil construction, townhouses, designed to be installed in any location of the room, create a luxurious and brighter look for your space.

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