Fujiwindows's all-in-one solution of aluminum and glass is one of the professional services, firmly committed to quality, showing professionalism and high performance in Ho Chi Minh City in terms of expertise and technology;

In addition, we own a team of engineers, installation and processing workers who are highly qualified, technically and highly specialized in the field of aluminum and glass door systems, curtain wall,... we are confident to be one of the best services in Ho Chi Minh City.

Processing service in Fujiwindows factory:

  • Direct processing in the factory: In order to effectively meet current orders, Fujiwindows has invested in building a factory in My Xuan - Vung Tau City. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, the factory is capable of processing quickly, on schedule and meets the technical standards required by customers.
  • Team of skilled engineers, workers: Along with the professional engineers, workers with many years of experience in designing and processing finished aluminum door systems, glass products,... Fujiwindows has successfully implemented and received high appreciation from investors & contractors. Therefore, we are committed to customers on the design of models, style, size,...
  • Processing with strict quality control process: We are committed to processing and installing with the right process of construction aluminum glass, long-term warranty, reputation... You always feel secure about the quality of Fujiwindows aluminum and glass doors because the imported materials have passed quality inspection, have anti-counterfeiting stamps to bring absolute trust to users.

Installation services in site:

  • The survey of our works is carried out in accordance with the process and professionalism, careful, thoughtful, we give customers a certain peace of mind.
  • The team of construction workers is highly skilled with many years of construction experience in the field of aluminum and glass for townhouses & site.
  • Aluminum and glass products such as: aluminum and glass windows, tempered glass, fireproof doors, curtain wall,... processed in the factory are committed to ensuring product quality, utility, durability and high aesthetics, no deformation or damage during transportation.
  • The installation process complies with technical standards and construction efficiency.
  • Construction and supervision process takes place with the same time, ensuring to minimize the costs incurred and the loss of materials

Fujiwindows provides:

  • We provide you all-in-one solutions of the aluminum and glass product, from design consultancy, models selection to factory processing, directly designate installation & supervision in site.
  • Fujiwindows aims to the most convenient for customers as well as facilitating the maximum reduction of outsourcing costs, avoiding the loss, delays leading to less efficient construction.



As one of the solution suppliers of aluminum and glass products with a large market share in Vietnam, Fujiwindows is committed to prestige, quality, on-time progress, bringing beautiful works, complete and satisfying customers' needs.

Contact us via the Hotline: (+84) 909 020 415 for free consultation support on suitable aluminum and glass products, working together directly through our team of professional installation engineers and workers today.







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