Folding doors are multi-leaf doors, with a swing-open type and folding them on rails into the corner. Besides, this type of door is also called folding door because it is easy to collapse and expand the space.

Folding doors are divided into 3 types: Folding aluminum doors, folding glass doors, folding glass walls.


  • The combination of modern structure and aesthetics: With multi-leaf doors structure that is opened by folding and sliding on the rail, in addition, the leaf door can be rotated to open the door for a large area. Suitable for homes with wide door designs such as doors to the garden, doors to the pool...
  • High aesthetics: Low threshold door, almost flat due to the smart sliding mechanism is designed above and neatly placed in the slider, completely eliminating dirt for the sliding mechanism.
  • Gentle activity: Fabrication of aluminum profiles with specialized hardware accessories designed to ensure smooth, continuous operation of the door. Maximum number of leaf: 7 leaf door.
  • Variety of models: Diverse sizes, designs suitable for many types of architecture. With 2 special types of opening on the same door systems (folding and rotating), it offers many choices of open space for users.
  • Sound and heat insulation: Using dual gaskets to ensure tightness, sound insulation, heat insulation.
  • Economical: Using alloy doors is the best solution in saving energy for high-rise buildings which exposed to lots of direct sunlight.
  • Convenience: Convenient in construction and firm installation, safe to bring a complete product both in design and durability. Easy to clean, easy to maintain.
  • Large area: For the case of large doors such as balcony doors, front doors or garage doors... Folding doors design is an optimal solution. Because the door is open, the leaf doors are folded aside, not bulky.
  • Bring more options for open space: Folding doors can be fitted with multiple leaf door, so when the owner wants a more private space or wants to expand the view, they can adjust the opening style (folding or rotating).
  • Using synchronized accessories system: Fabricated from large aluminum profiles, with a hardware accessories system designed specifically to ensure smooth and continuous operation of the door


  • Aluminum profile (door frame, leaf frame).
  • Reinforced steel
  • Rubber gasket system ensures tightness.
  • Glass: can use single glass or glass box with safety glass, tempered glass.
  • Hardware accessories: multi-point latches, 3D hinges (3-way adjustment), handles, locks,..


  • The use of folding doors is becoming a trend for all constructions from civil to townhouses.
  • Folding doors are the best solution in saving energy for high-rise buildings with lots of direct sunlight

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