Urbanization development has gradually formed the urgent needs of the people in a clean, safe and airy living space. Grasping and approaching the increasing demands of the majority of customers, Fujiwindows provides design consultancy services so that you can choose the door systems that suit your construction architecture today.

Let's take a look at our tips through the following notes:  

Based on location and demand

Each type of door is designed with different features suitable for the location and purpose of use, depending on the preferences and the architecture to be installed. Therefore, the first thing to consider is the location to installation the door and the need to use. Therefore,  determine the style and the features needed to choose the most appropriate door.

For example, for doors installed at locations directly affected by storms, it is not advisable to choose sliding doors but to use opening doors, combined with multi-point locks, pressing the door leaf to help close all the gaps between the door leaf and the door frame, minimize outside noise and prevent rainwater from entering the house.

For large constructions that need to install fireproof door systems to ensure safety for customers, you should choose the type of heat resistant door steel 120 minutes to be able to evacuate enough time in crowded areas such as hospitals, shopping mall,...

In short, depending on the needs of each person, each construction architecture, the appropriate door products are selected, ensuring the highest efficiency and stable cost savings.

Selecting the door systems suitable with architectural style

The door system designs should be suitable with the architectural style of the works to ensure the aesthetics.

As aluminum door system, this is a lightweight material, the price isn’t too high, suitable for both industrial and civil construction. Buildings with modern architectural tendencies favor a sleek, slender design, less aluminum with more glass, which helps broaden the view, reducing the burden of the general structure. The accompanying accessories should also choose the same neatly, lightly and modern. To achieve that, aluminum doors need to be designed uniformly from accessories to doors, bringing exquisite beauty to your home.

For glass doors, this product is suitable for luxurious architecture, needs to receive light and create an airy space. The selection of glass window systems for works without specific vision and obscure is not fully exploited effectively and strengths of the glass doors system.

In short, through the trend of luxury and accordance with architecture, you need to present your requirements and wishes to receive consulting support, making a choice of the doors system that best suits your space and project.

Selecting a reputable manufacturers, distribution agents and attention to the warranty policy

Modern door systems with aluminum materials, tempered glass,... are products with many specialized technical factors. Therefore, it is difficult for consumers to distinguish and price the product during the process of purchasing or supervising the installation. Be aware that, although a good set of doors, improperly installed can still have many problems arising when using. Using asynchronous accessories according to the manufacturer's standards will cause a lot of warranty and maintenance troubles.

Therefore, another important criterion when choosing to buy and install door systems - consumers need to find authorized dealers of reputable brands and carefully understand the warranty policy. Trained technical knowledge and transfered technology, authorized dealers can advice the optimal  product to ensure the quality of aluminum doors installed properly and perform warranty for consumers.

In the growing market, more and more counterfeit products are appearing. Finding the truly reputable manufacturers and distributors will help consumers minimize the risks that may be encountered, choose the best products for their homes.


  • Consultancy construction aluminum doors, glass doors, aluminum glass doors, aluminum windows and glass of all kinds according to customer requirements, quality assurance, good prices, efficiency and economic savings.   
  • Consultancy complementary glass products for furniture such as kitchen cabinets glass, kitchen counter tops,...
  • Consultancy construction stairs, railings, banks...
  • Consultancy construction of partitions, aluminum and glass curtain wall suitable for each technical requirement, ...


Team of professional engineers, designers

Fujiwindows has owned a staff of engineers, designers with many years of experience, specializing in designing and consulting models and designs suitable to customer needs, actualize ideas into optimal designs, bring satisfaction beyond the expectations of the partners that have made in recent years.

Processing factory with high technology

Fujiwindows always ready to meet the diverse requirements of customers from Investors, Contractors, Households, Individuals,... We invest in building a high-tech factory for production in Vung Tau, committed to ensuring the construction on schedule, the right technique, the right quality and aesthetics that customers want.
Prestigious partners network

Hệ thống đối tác uy tín

With many years of operation and development, Fujiwindows has gained absolute trust from partners all over the country (Nam Long, Novaland, Alpha King,...), implementing many large-scale projects with beautiful architecture, committed to the schedule and quality of products provided.

  • Fujiwindows is all-in-one supplier of aluminum and glass products, committed to ensuring high quality and reputation. In addition, we have a team of design consultancy, construction supervisors & customer care professionals, ensuring absolute satisfaction for customers and partners.
  • Contact us via the Hotline: (+84) 0909 020 415 for free advice on door systems suitable for your project today.





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